Sarah Trotter
Esther Stewart
Murray Barker

Groupwork's Simplify project is the third in a series of design problems tackled by a team, curated by director Sarah Trotter.


 Groupwork have set out to create an innovative range of bathroom fittings and accessories that are: 

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove and reinstate elsewhere
  • Made in Melbourne
  • Designed in Melbourne
  • Serve as a flexible fitting which could house other functions in small spaces while only needing two wall penetrations.

The result is a bathroom fitting that is elegant, functional and flexible. 

Toilet Roll Holder
from 180.00
Bracket Position:
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Towel Rack
from 245.00
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All prices ex-gst. 

Current lead time: 7 weeks from receipt of payment. 

Shipping Rates, Domestic

  • 20.00 – Roll holder, Block, & Vessel.
  • 25.00 – Towel rails, all lengths
  • 35.00 – Complete Simplify package

Shipped via Australia Post

Shipping Rates, International

  • 50.00 – Roll holder, Block, & Vessel. 
  • 100.00 – Towel rails, all lengths
  • 180.00 – Complete Simplify package

Shipped via International courier with tracking



Solid Brass fittings providing structural integrity, longevity and durability (no chipping or wearing of finishes). 

Oak accessories providing soft, natural and beautiful contrast. 

Black chrome is available also. This finish is matt black chrome, electroplated to solid brass. 

Care instructions: 

This product is not coated and will form a patina over time. If tarnishing occurs polish with brass cleaner or lemon juice. Please treat carefully. Rail is to be wiped with a dry clean soft cloth. Detergent and other cleaning chemicals not recommended. Please note that the finish on all of our objects will vary very slightly due to the handmade process.

These accessories are not designed to be consistently wet. They have been oiled with a natural product. If the oil diminishes please re-oil using a product that suits your needs eg. danish oil. If the moisture has worn away the oil completely sand lightly with a fine grit sand paper, re-oil and dry. 

Instructions for Installation